Series: HERmeneutics

Each week our ladies dig into God's Word to find out more Him and more about themselves.

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Ladies Bible Study

Date: Aug 15, 2017
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Madeleine Schlenz presentation to the Ladies of Calvary Chapel Las Vegas NV

HERmeneutics Spiritual Growth

Date: Jun 17, 2017
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Shaunice Aikoo leads us in a study of spiritual disciplines and the growth the foster

HERmeneutics When God Says No To A Good Thing

Date: Mar 18, 2017
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Madeleine Schlenz explores how we should respond when God seems to be saying no to a good thing we want so badly. Why would He do that?

Scripture: various

HERmeneutics How Does She?

Date: Feb 18, 2017
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Women's Breakfast Tiffany Simons asked what are the traits we see in other women that make us want what they have? Are they Biblical or wordly things?

Scripture: Titus 2

HERmeneutics What Do I See

Date: Jan 21, 2017
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HERmeneutics - TCGC Women's Breakfast. Peggy Pottenger takes us through Colossians and challenges how we see ourselves and how we talk to ourselves about what we see in the mirror in light of the gospel of Jesus.

Scripture: Colossians

The Pattern of Paul

Date: Oct 15, 2016
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Madeleine Schlenz investigates why Paul has such a different perspective on fear and trials even after all he has been through. From the 2016 Calvary Chapel Women's Conference at CC Lynchburg.

Scripture: 2 Timothy

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