Children's Ministry Application

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* Reference 2 - How do you know this person?

* Why do you desie to serve in children's ministry?
* Please describe the gifts and/or abilities you have that would relate to children's ministry:
* Please describe any experiences you have had with teaching or caring for children. Include where, when, how long, age group, responsibilities, etc.
Check all age groups that you are interested in ministering to:
4 & 5 year olds
1st - 3rd grade
4th - 6th grade
Praisedown (leading children's worship Sunday morning)
* Please provide a brief salvation testimony:
* Share your current personal relationship with God (daily prayer, devotions, Bible study, etc.)
* How long have you been attending The City Gates Church?
What church did you attend before The City Gates Church?
Why did you leave?

* By checking the box to the right, I verify that there is nothing in my current or past records that could be considered inappropriate or disqualify me from serving in children's ministry.

We Look Forward to Meeting You Soon
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