What To Expect

Sunday worship at City Gates begin with singing a mixture of modern worship choruses and timeless hymns in a contemporary style of music. Children either worship with their family and are then released to their classes, or go directly to children’s worship. We also have a comfortable room set up for nursing mothers where they can watch and listen to the message in privacy. We're usually moving verse by verse through a book of the Bible seeking to understand the original message and how it applies to our modern lives, but we take occasional breaks between books for topical series.

People typically dress casually, everything from khakis to jeans and even shorts on Sunday mornings.

Some of our small groups meet at 9AM before the service. There is a youth group meeting during this time, as well as classes for children.

Where we come from:

The City Gates Church traces it’s roots all the way back to 1932 when 22 people gathered to form Barcroft Bible Church in Arlington. They moved to Fairfax in 1989 and built this building in 1992. In 2015 God led us to join forces with Calvary Chapel DC Metro and form something new. Our history and our identity as a part of the Calvary Chapel family of churches remind us God is at work throughout time and in other places. Let us do well with the time and place He has entrusted to us!

Find out more about our history here

What we do:

At The City Gates Church we want to stay focused on three things:

All of this happens corporately and individually. There’s no such thing as a nameless, faceless church the church is us – if the church is, or is not, doing anything it’s because individual believers are or are not doing things.

So, what do we want to see?

We believe God is at work in Northern Virginia, He wants to save people and He wants to be the center of their lives. We want to see that happen, in us and in you.

Our Team

Pastor Jeff Schlenz

Jeff began serving as the pastor of CCDC Metro in June of 2008.  After serving on Active Duty in the USMC for over eight years, he now serves as a Chaplain in the USAF Reserve assigned to Joint Base Andrews here in the DC area.  His wife Madeleine was raised in Alexandria, VA.  They have been married since 2000.  Together they are being sanctified each day by raising two young boys and one little princess.  Jeff and Madeleine love to spend time together in the gym (we're Crossfit Junkies) and in the garden or the kitchen (we also love food - growing it, cooking it, and eating it).

Associate Pastor Matt Pottenger


Matt joined the staff at Calvary Chapel D.C. Metro in June 2015 after serving 6 1/2 years in Kenya, Africa as a church planting missionary.  He and his wife Peggy were married in 2003 and love serving the Lord together. They have two little girls who love dress-up, tea-parties, art, and dance.  In addition to loving the outdoors Matt and Peggy enjoy doing life and ministry as a family.  


Stephen Simons, Assistant Pastor 
Family Pastor

Stephen joined the staff at the City Gates Church (previously Barcroft Bible Church) in October 2015 after serving for eight years in various deacon, elder, and teaching roles.  He and his wife Tiffany were married in 1999 and they have four children, Samuel (15), Alice (14), Della (11), and Wesley (9). In addition to serving as the Family Ministry Pastor and overseeing the church facility, Stephen is an avid "board game geek"  and hosts quarterly board game fellowship nights.  

We Look Forward to Meeting You Soon
Feel free to call us at 703-425-3800 or email us at Office@TheCityGatesChurch.org